Locks of Love a Stylin’ Success

In conjunction with “Goals for a Cure” and Cancer Awareness Month, Caroline Cuevas (SC Sporting ’96 Boys Team Manager) organized a Hair Donation drive to benefit Locks of Love – a company that makes wigs for children with cancer. Caroline’s daughter and some of her Sporting teammates donated their hair for the cause. Caroline was brilliant enough to secure some corporate sponsorship to donate money for every inch of hair the girls donated. Check-out more photos at the GFaC Flickr website.

Antiana is having a blast with her new hair length. She brushes it all day long and changes headbands about every 5 minutes. She wants to do this event again, she said “I want my hair to grow fast, so I can donate another pony tail.” Hair Donors: Antiana Cuevas donated 14″, Lorena Namowicz donated 13″, Dani Wheeler donated 10″, Jessica Rios (adult) donated 11″, Eloisa Valdiosera donated 24″, and Lucy Velez donated 10″!

The “Locks for Love” Hair Donation drive was held at The Upper Cut Salon in Sunnyvale on November 2nd. The girls donated a total of 82 inches of hair, and Paychex Payroll Services donated two hundred dollars to Goals-for-a-Cure in honor of the hair drive! All the hair will be donated to Locks of Love.

BIG THANKS to our hairdresser Maritza Valdiosera she donated 4 hours into this event to cut & style “the new do” for all the donors. Special thanks to our adult donor Jessica Rios for braving it out and goind real short to donate 11”.

This was a super special event for 9 year old Sporting player, Dani Wheeler, her grandmother Cora Salom is a cancer survivor, and she recently lost 2 uncles to cancer. Dani cut her hair real short to give up the minimum of 10″ and she looks darling!!! Way to go girl!!

We are so thankful for our friends that stopped by to show their support : The Ballard Family, The Saeger Family, The Fagundez Family, Garren Quibelan & Family, America Meza, Alea Maldonado, Eva Vasquez, Kathryn Cuevas, Kelly Namowicz, Christy Kinney and Suzy Paluzzi.

Thank you and hopefully we can make this an annual event.

Caroline Cuevas


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