Goals for a Cure Donation Ceremony

The Santa Clara Sporting Club donated $20,000 tonight to the El Camino Hospital Foundation to provide free mammograms to women who need financial support to receive breast screening exams. Lindsay Greensweig, Interim President of the El Camino Hospital Foundation attended the event to receive the check from Santa Clara Sporting.  Dr. Patricia Rogers from El Camino Hospital was also on hand; she came-up with the recommendation to use the donation funds to provide early breast screening exams.  Most donations raised to fight breast cancer are typically used for cancer research, so providing the funds to women for early breast screening exams provides an impactful contribution to fight breast cancer at a local community level. Early detection of breast cancer is one of the most important ways to battle the disease.

The Santa Clara Sporting '93 Girls White Team led by Team Manager Cynthia Bates-Brown, Head Coach Jim Goularte, Assistant Coach John DeJesus, and team mom and breast cancer survivor Tracy Aguilar were also on-hand with most of their team. Their team raised $3,516 of the $20,000 last October! 

Santa Clara Sporting Board Member Abel Azevedo and Sebastain Goncalves hosted the event and thanked everyone for their support. Sporting has now raised and donated over $46,000 during the past two years! More photos are online at our Flickr gallery.

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