About Goals for a Cure

Updated 10/4/2012

Santa Clara Sporting started Goals for a Cure back in 2008 when the Santa Clara Sporting 93 boys team lost one mother to breast cancer and a second mother successfully fought and won her battle. Since then we have successfully raised over $130,000 which is used to sponsor women who cannot afford to get a mammogram. The club partnered with El Camino Hospital to provide the mammograms because Dr. Patricia Rogers (mom on Sporting 91 team) explained there are plenty of funds raised for cancer research, and if we wanted to help the local community it would be extremely impact full to sponsor the mammogram service.

Since Goals for a Cure started, we have paid for over 100 mammograms for women in the County of Santa Clara. Of the 100 women that were screened, a dozen women were detected with breast cancer and we are happy to share that all of these women are cancer survivors!

During the entire month of October, we will compete in pink Goals for a Cure jerseys, and we will raise awareness about breast cancer and do our part to raise donation funds.


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