Guess how many Goals for a Cure goals were scored in October and you could win a Sporting t-shirt!

Enter the Goals for a Cure contest when you guess how many goals all 36 Santa Clara Sporting teams scored during the month of October. The winner gets a free Santa Clara Sporting t-shirt of their choice! One entry per person.


Santa Clara Sporting ’98 Boys Black Team Raise Over $2k for Goals for a Cure; Sporting Club has raised over $55k in 3 Years

The Santa Clara Sporting 98 Boys Black Team led the charge this year and raised $2,054 during the month of October during the annual 2010 Goals for a Cure Campaign. Twenty of the Sporting Teams worked to raise money, and the club raised a total of $15,051 in 2010. Santa Clara Sporting has now raised more than $55,000 between 2008-2010 to fight breast cancer!


  1. 98B Black $2,054.00
  2. 93G White $1,600.00
  3. 00B Green $1,486.00
  4. 93B $1,240.00
  5. 98B White $1,215.00
  6. 95G White $825.00
  7. 95B White $715.00
  8. 94B $655.00
  9. 93G Green $655.00
  10. 95G Green $574.00
  11. 00G Green $548.00
  12. 01G $410.00
  13. 97G White $399.80
  14. 00G White $347.00
  15. 98B Green $270.00
  16. 97B $230.00
  17. 99B Green $200.00
  18. 99B Black $200.00
  19. 98G White $190.00
  20. 92B $185.00
  21. 01B Green
  22. 01B White
  23. 00B White
  24. 99B White
  25. 96B Green
  26. 96B Black
  27. 95B Green
  28. Men
  29. 99G Green
  30. 99G White
  31. 99G Black
  32. 98G Green
  33. 97G Green

Bingo $400.00
T-Shirts $580.00
Referees Donation $73.00
2010 TOTAL $15,051.80

Sporting ’00Boys Green Team GFaC Garage Sale

The Santa Clara Sporting U10 Boys Green Team is having a Goals For A Cure garage sale.  All proceeds will go to Goals For a Cure.  Please stop by 148 Douglane Avenue (cross street is Forest Avenue), Santa Clara on Saturday, October 30th, starting at 8:30 AM, weather permitting.  Household items, Seasonal/Holiday, Furnishings, Clothing, Something for Everyone!  We will also be selling raffle tickets for our basket (see previous posting) and will draw the winner's name at the end of the garage sale!